Bead Brunches!

Bead Brunches in Pittsburgh! Learn something new, in a friendly environment.

We are planning to have a weekly "Bead Brunch" here in Squirrel Hill, at one of the local sandwich shops. While you enjoy a sandwich, soup or salad (or combination) you can learn to bead something interesting like a pair of crystal earrings, or bracelet or how to wire wrap a stone or bead.

Brunches are a good time to relax, and meet new friends. We are considering 10 or 11am on Saturdays, lasting about 60 or 90 minutes. The location would be a block or two from our shop, and just as convenient to get to.

We are also checking out providing an activity for the kids at the same time, so if you can't leave the little ones behind, they will have something to do while you bead.

We are looking at a $25 average cost for the brunches, and $8 for each child's lunch and activity.

We are open to ideas for projects.

Coming in from out of town? Stop by, look around, and ask us where the other shops are in town. Check them out. We're open Sunday Noon to 3pm, so you can come on back and shop with us.

We've recently changed our pricing methods so you can more easily figure your own discounts. Prices now reflect full & fair retail value of the bead strands by price groups (rather than a pre-discounted price), and a discount schedule will apply to both total order volume, and to coded color groups. Visit or stop by the shop for more.

We have started offering Bracelet StrandsTM. Half-strand lengths just right for making bracelets. They average 6", so with the clasp and a few accent or spacer beads, you have a 7-8.5" bracelet with little "extra." You can make two different styles for the price of one! Many strands have enough to make matching earrings.

02 June 2005
We are working on some ideas for bringing hobby excitement back to Pittsburgh, and giving a new generation the benefits of having a real hobby.
02 June 2005
We are starting to figure out what we are doing with this site (and a few others). Keep an eye peeled, and check the other sites listed. and will be the two main sites.

Coming soon! For now, please visit the for ideas and things to do with your kids, family, friends or just by yourself.

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